Utah’s unemployment rate has been below four percent since 2014 and continues to decline. Although the state is proud of this low rate, it comes with challenges. We are seeing a shortage of workforce — especially in the technology sector which is becoming a major sector of our economy. Many companies are struggling to find employees with the necessary computer science skills to fill the available positions. It is vital to the future of our state that we provide our children with the education they need to succeed in this evermore technological world and contribute to Utah’s thriving economy. 

By partnering with Silicon Slopes, A non-profit that unifies and supports Utah’s startup and tech community, Lt. Governor Cox hopes to make computer science education accessible to every student in the state. Purposeful assistance from both the private and public sector are helping make this a reality. Notably, the Utah Computer Science Grant Act passed in 2019 provides over $3 million in funds to advance computer science education initiatives. With the advocacy and leadership of Lt. Governor Cox, Utah has made strides forward but the effort continues.