Gov. Spencer Cox and Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson release One Utah Roadmap, a plan for the first 500 days of the Cox-Henderson Administration

SALT LAKE CITY (Jan. 19, 2021) — Gov. Spencer J. Cox and Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson released a plan for the new administration’s first 500 days.

Called the “One Utah Roadmap,” the plan outlines policy priorities and suggested action items based on campaign promises and stated goals of Gov. Cox and Lt. Gov. Henderson.

The Roadmap focuses on six key priorities:

  • economic advancement, including ways the state can develop talent, incentivize businesses and foster innovation;
  • education innovation and investment, including how the state can recruit and retain quality teachers and focus on at-risk learners; 
  • rural matters, including meeting critical infrastructure and policy needs; 
  • health security, including fighting COVID-19 and addressing social determinants of health;
  • equality and opportunity, including leading by example to improve racial and gender disparities in state government; and 
  • state government efficiency, including investing in state employees and implementing changes in structure to become more responsive to the state’s customers, i.e. the residents of Utah. 

More than 100 community leaders from across the state participated in developing draft policy suggestions. The transition team’s executive committee then took those recommendations to create the first iteration of the 500-day plan.

The executive team included Co-Chair Lynne Ward, former deputy chief of staff to Gov. Olene Walker; Co-Chair Steve Starks, CEO of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies; Natalie Gochnour, director of the Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah; Rich McKeown, co-founder of Leavitt Partners; and Austin Cox, campaign manager of the Cox-Henderson campaign.

Ward thanked the volunteers for their invaluable contributions.

“This report is the result of an unprecedented community effort,” Ward said. “I’m proud to have been part of this analysis and I look forward to seeing these ideas  evaluated by the Cox-Henderson administration in the coming weeks and months.”

Gov. Cox expressed his gratitude to transition team members, especially the executive team.

“We’re overwhelmed by the generous time and commitment offered by such accomplished experts and community-minded volunteers,” Gov. Cox said. “Like all well-used road maps, this One Utah Roadmap will be dog-eared and lovingly consulted over the next year and beyond. The road ahead will have detours, yield signs, fast and slow speeds, and bridges which we will navigate. We can’t thank all those involved in the transition enough for offering their best ideas to improve the lives of all Utahns.”

Download the One Utah Roadmap here.